Jacob Rohrbach Inn (Sharpsburg, Maryland)


Upgrades at the Inn

May 12, 2022 by jacobrohrbach

It has been a busy spring at the Inn in more ways then one.  Besides repainting the Clara Barton Suite, this is the year for technology upgrades.  This past week we finished up another photo shoot with Christian Giannelli.  It was great to work with him again, and Christian’s photography will highlight the changes we made over the last seven years.

Setting up on the Antietam Room porch for photo shoot

Christian and his father taking some food shots








These new photos will be the mainstay of our new website.  That’s right. Although everyone tells us how much they love our webpage, we are in the process of tweaking it to make it even better.  Thanks to Patricia McCauley, and all the folks at InsideOut Solutions for their patience and great work in upgrading our website again. Hope to switch over to the new site by mid-summer.  We’ve also worked with them to create a new logo for the Inn, focusing more on the Civil War interest of the area.

A few other upgrades with born out of the pandemic. Like most everyone in the hospitality industry we had to rethink the guest experience in terms of both health and safety. This spring we installed keyless door locks to all the guest rooms entry doors to the Inn.  Not only is it an added step for security, but this is a BIG improvement.  All the doors close tighter now and they’re easier to use without having to worry about a key.  A shout out to Smith Renovations for their quality work and for changing all these out in one day.

Back porch door

Jackson Room

Inside view








For two years during COVID, our inch-thick guest information binders were removed out of the rooms.  Instead of placing them back in the rooms, we went digital. Now, guests can not only find information about the Inn, but they can find places to eat, stores to shop at and things to do in the area in our Digital Guestbook.

Digital Guestbook

We have several different sections to help guests navigate through the book. Even better, while they are out and about, they can open the guest book to find a nearby place to eat or an attraction to see and get directions right from their location.

The ABOUT, INFOMATION GUIDE & GUEST ROOMS sections provide you with information about the Inn, history, maps, and room specific information

About the Inn


The EAT, SHOP & PLAY sections guide you to all the local restaurants, stores and attractions in the area.








In the EVENTS. LOCAL SERVICES, & CHURCHES sections you will find all the extra information (like where the closest gas station or pharmacy is) and some of events happening during your stay.

Favorite place to shop



Another cool feature about the Guestbook is you can plan your trip by saving the places you want to visit or eat at under ‘your favorites’. Then, the next time you return and can’t remember the name of restaurant or store you liked, you just open up your favorites and there it is.





You can use our Guestbook any time while your here or planning you vacation, just put in this URL address http://frcls.com/11443 or use the QR Code.

Clara Barton Suite

May 12, 2022 by jacobrohrbach

The Clara Barton Suite was the first room we renovated as soon as we purchased the Inn back in 2015. The original suite was two separate rooms connected by a pass-through closet.  Since they were two different rooms, each were completely different colors. The bedroom was a two-tone brown and the smaller sitting room was a very deep pink.





The first thing we did was remove the closet and make repairs to the wall.  This would allow for a king size bed in the main room.  The large bathroom was wrapped in bead-board and had an antique clawfoot tub, which we decided to keep, but we upgraded to a larger vanity and new toilet. The whole suite received a new coat of a two-tone green paint. We also turned the smaller room into a second bedroom with a full sized bed.






After seven years the suite needed a fresh new look, so in March we painted again.  This time the walls off-white and the trim a deep navy blue.  Of course, that meant new curtains, blankets, and comforters.  We also added new matching wing-back chairs that provide a perfect spot to read or watch TV. Oh, we also upgraded the bedside lamps to 3-way touch control lamps with a USB port and the ceiling lights & fans are remote controlled.





The Clara Barton suite is located on the second floor at the front of the Inn, in the portion of the house dating to the 1830’s. This expansive two room suite offers entrance from inside the Inn.  In the spacious main room, natural light from three windows illuminate a graceful, king sized iron bed.  The adjoining second bedroom offers a full sized, four post pineapple bed. The large bath, wrapped in bead-board, features an antique clawfoot tub with shower.





This suite is perfect for a family or friends and it can be combined with the Antietam Room to accommodate groups. The Clara Barton Suite is named for the valiant “Angel of the Battlefield” and founder of the American Red Cross.


Book your next stay in the Clara Barton Suite to – Relax, Refresh, & Renew.

2021 Updates at the Inn

February 4, 2022 by jacobrohrbach

If you haven’t been able to the inn lately, you’re in for a BIG surprise. This past year we completed two projects – a fairly small one inside and a LARGE one outside. The small project was giving the upstairs room a much needed facelift. We repainted the upstairs vestibule to tie in with the staircase and foyer.






This is a perfect place to play a game of chess or checkers or a game of solitaire. The cabinet is filed with DVDs, playing cards, board games and coloring books for those rainy days.






The large project was putting in a stamped concrete patio and SureBrooming the existing walks. The first step was to remove the railings to open up the back porch.






Next, pull out all the old curb blocks and remove the sod.






Then prep the area for the concrete.






The concrete pour went well… except for a cicada or two.






Next the stamping and finally the staining.






Once the patio was finished, the existing concrete was ground down and prepared for the SureBroom. The SureBroom provided a thin layer of new concrete over the old and damaged walks to make them look brand new.







Once all the SureBroom and the patio was done the “Ground Crew” came in to work on the sod and reseed the grass.








The open porch is great for a summer morning breakfast and the new patio is the ideal location to sit back and relax after long day exploring the area.

Re-opening amid COVID-19

May 6, 2020 by jacobrohrbach

As we prepare to reopen we are faced with a number of challenges and unknowns.  Our number one concern is for the health and safety of all our guests, customers and staff.  We have always prided ourselves on the cleanliness of the guest rooms, common areas and store.  That attention to detail and awareness will only be amplified during this critical period.  To provide for everyone’s health and safety we will be making a number of changes in the way we conduct business and what is allowable for guests and customers based on state and county guidelines.

Currently all five guest rooms are available for booking.

As per current state guidelines, all guests and customers are required to wear a face mask when outside of your room or in the store.

Decorative pillows, throws, books, magazines, and pamphlets have been removed from guest rooms.  We’ve encased the clean (extra) blanket in plastic and bathrobes will be available on request.

Daily housekeeping service will be provided by request only.  As always guests can contact us if more items are needed.

We will continue to serve our multi-course breakfast at 8:30 am in the dining room adhering to social distancing guidelines.

The Comfort Station will remain available for guest use but we ask you to adhere to social distancing.  We also ask that you refrain from gathering in the living room.

In between guest stays, the rooms are thoroughly cleaned by a two-step process using CDC recommended cleaning and disinfecting guidelines.  Cleaning staff is equipped with personal protective equipment (PPE) during the cleaning process.

The Antietam Mercantile will be open to the public and guests, but will be limited to a maximum of four customers in the store at one time.  Customers will be encouraged to use hand sanitizer when entering and exiting the store.

These changes will be revised as we move forward under the guidelines provided by state and local officials.

Policy Changes

Unfortunately due to the Coronavirus Pandemic and the financial difficulties created by it we are forced to make some changes to our policies.

  • In order to ensure proper and through cleaning of each room, there is a 2 night minimum on ALL reservations.
  • Check in between 3:00–7:00 pm and check out at 11:00 am remains the same.  However due to stringent cleaning policies NO Early Arrivals or Late Check Out can be accommodated.
  • A non-refundable deposit of $30 per room is required to guarantee your reservation.  The deposit is applied towards your final statement.
  • All cancellations and changes to a reservation will be charged a processing fee of $30.00 per room.
  • Reservations cancelled less than 14 days prior to your arrival date will be charged for one night’s stay.
  • Reservations cancelled less than 72 hours in advance, or if you do not arrive for your reservation as scheduled, will be charged for the entire stay booked.
  • Moving a reservation within the above cancellation period is considered a new reservation and will be charged the processing fee.

In the past we have provided discounts for active duty and retired military, Emergency First Responders and Seniors.  Over the last five years this has totaled close to $10,000.  Unfortunately, at this time we can no longer offer these discounts.  We will continue our guest Reward Program – the Rohrbach Regiment and offer specials and packages.

We are sorry for any inconvenience these changes may cause but thank you for you understanding.  We will get through this TOGETHER.

Renovations around the Inn

February 29, 2020 by jacobrohrbach

You may have noticed that we’re a little behind in getting the Rohrbach INNsider out this quarter.  It’s not because we were on vacation… although we wish we were, it’s because of the renovations being done at the Inn.  Each year now during the month of January we choose a project and do some renovations.  This year we closed the whole month!  For most people that means it’s time to relax and go on vacation… but not us, it means time to get to work.

This year our number one priority was to redo the bathroom in the Antietam Room.  With an old tub-shower combo and a small vanity this one was in despite need of a face lift.

Just after New Years  Smith Renovations, LLC come in to demo and begin the work.  But as with all projects, we have learned that nothing ever goes according to the plan nor on a projected timeline.

Smith Renovations


Framing Shower









Final Sanding

Cleaning grout







But no worries, the work progressed and we decided to freshen up the paint in the bedroom as well, so the Antietam  is an all around NEW ROOM!  Hats off to Brandon, Andrew and their dad, Bryan for doing an OUTSTANDING job.

New toilet and sink

Pocket Door

Tile Shower











While this was going we had to do some minor repair work to the ceiling at the back entrance.  The initial plan was to replace the ceiling and repaint that space.  Well, after taking down the ceiling, and doing a little investigating, we realized that the doorway from the foyer into the hall was a more recent addition (maybe 1980’s) so we decided to remove it and open the space.

Surprise, surprise surprise..

Back entrance








We also took down the wainscoting and wallpaper, repaired the plaster and added a ceiling light too.  It looks like a different hallway now.  So much room to come in and very welcoming with all the natural light.






So while ALL this was going on, we were also giving the General’s Quarter a fresh new coat of paint.  Thanks to our painter and handyman, Lucas Turner for his help on these two projects.

Getting ready to paint

Still getting ready to paint…







WOW!  A brand new room, just a little paint and lots of TLC.











We are done for now, but there is one more big project on the horizon this spring.

Maybe next January we will actually get to take that vacation……

Five Reasons to Stay at our Maryland B & B

February 23, 2019 by jacobrohrbach

Inn Exterior

Hotels, motels, house rentals, Bed & Breakfasts…. Travelers today have more lodging options than ever before and trying to decide where to stay can be overwhelming. Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, finding the right accommodation is important.  However, with so many choices, why should you consider a bed and breakfast over another accommodation type?   That’s easy – they’re great!  No seriously, they are so not what you expect.  B&B’s are experiencing a huge resurgence in popularity and they often provide better value compared to hotels and other types of accommodations

If you have never stayed in a Bed & Breakfast, you owe it to yourself to try it.  If you HAVE stayed in a Bed & Breakfast, you owe it to yourself to go back.  (And, if you stayed in one and thought it was ‘just ok’ you owe it to yourself to try ours!)  Here is our top 5 reasons why you should stay at a B&B, especially the Jacob Rohrbach Inn:


1 – A Personal Experience:

innkeepersYou can get good customer service at a hotel, but often you’re just a room number.  Here at the Jacob Rohrbach Inn you will get a personalized experience.  When you check in, you get to meet an Innkeeper, not an employee or just a book listing the rules and a few suggestions of things to do.  We actually know your name and where you are from, we know that it’s your birthday or anniversary and we even know if you want coffee or tea at breakfast.  We also know if it’s your first time to the area or your 20th and know just where to send you to find a great experience.  Want to go to a winery?  Let us know what type you are looking for and we can send you to just the right place.  Want a romantic dinner, or maybe just looking for a quick bite between activities – we know the perfect place for both.  Want to hang out on one of the porches with a book or just take a nap?  DO IT!  Want to sit down and chat with us about how we came to do this, or why you are here?  Great – we love to hear about you and your story.  Only want to see us at check-in and breakfast?  That is perfect too.  No judgment here- this is YOUR stay.  A stay designed by YOU!  Our goal is to make you feel comfortable and relaxed so that you leave with great memories.


2 – Affordable and All Inclusive

You may find some hotels or other rental accommodations appear cheaper but the value at a B&B is far better.  When you check into a hotel, you might get free parking and a so-so continental breakfast, Wi-Fi is almost always an extra cost and there might be an overpriced vending machine for late night munchies.  We recently went to a conference and learned that if we wanted a mini fridge in our room, we had to pay an additional fee each day.  Who does that?  At our bed and breakfast it’s all included!  Off-street parking – free, High speed internet – free, Mini-fridge in room – free, Soda, coffee or tea – free, Fresh, homemade goodies and snacks– free, Amazing multi-course breakfast – free.  (I feel like that tax commercial: free, free, free-free-free, free.)  But seriously, It’s all FREE!


3 – Breakfast to Remember

Banana BreakfastAt a hotel, you might get a disappointing grab-n-go cold breakfast, or maybe you will get lucky with a “hot” breakfast.  But should questionable eggs and a rubbery waffle sitting under a heat lamp be called breakfast?  You will find none of that when you stay at our Bed & Breakfast.  Wake up to the scent of locally roasted and fresh ground coffee brewing, or the aromas of thick Applewood-smoked slices of bacon sizzling in the oven.  That’s what you will find at the Jacob Rohrbach Inn.  A homemade, multi-course breakfast brimming with local products and flavors is simply the best way to start your day.  That wonderful coffee is out on the comfort station by 7:00am and breakfast is served in the dining room at 8:30. Our menu is ‘chef’s choice’ and alternates each day between sweet and savory.  If you don’t like making small talk in the morning – no worries.  At the Jacob Rohrbach Inn we don’t make you ‘sit with strangers’.  All of our tables are individual and allow you, the guest, to be in control of how interactive you are.  Remember this is YOUR stay, you get to decide.  Need an earlier start to the day?  We will be happy to provide you with a ‘road ready’ breakfast to get you on your way.  Don’t worry if you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions, just let us know ahead of time and we will be happy to accommodate them.


4 – Unique and Authentic Experience

Harpers Ferry When you stay at many brand name hotels, they attempt to provide you the same experience in every location.  Which means no matter where you stay, NYC or Bali, you will find the exact same thing. Boring!  A Bed and Breakfast is owned by local residents and provides a unique and authentic experience. If you really want to ‘live like a local’, here is your chance!  Get the scoop on attractions and activities that are off the beaten path and find out where the hidden gems of the area are.  We know the best place to go to capture a sunrise/sunset.  We know where to send you for a short relaxing hike or where to go for a challenge.  Where is the best place to get your bike on or off the C & O canal? We can tell you that too.  Need to find a place to take the kids on a rainy afternoon, or a pet friendly restaurant?  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.  At the Jacob Rohrbach Inn, you will find your Innkeepers are an outstanding source of local information.


5 – Historic Properties and Beautiful Rooms

Quite a few Bed and Breakfasts are historic buildings, architecturally distinctive and no two ever look alike.  Many of these are in restored buildings that are hundreds of years old and have played an important role in the history of their town.  The Jacob Rohrbach Inn also has a rich history and unique story.  Situated along the main street, our motto is “An Eyewitness to History Since 1804”. Be sure to ask us the story of our Inn during your stay.  Unlike small cookie-cutter hotel rooms, the Inn has five spacious and comfortable rooms.  All five have been thoughtfully restored to maintain their historic character.  But don’t let the word historic fool you, we’re not ‘Grandma’s house’ with plastic slip covers and doilies everywhere.  Our rooms and suites are individually furnished and come with all the modern amenities that will make you feel at home.   If you are traveling with another couple, check out their room.  You will be surprised at the differences between each one.  Our website allows you to view large pictures of each guest room and select the one that most appeals to you.  At the Jacob Rohrbach Inn you get to choose your room, not your room type.


Inn buttonSo, the next time you are traveling, or planning a vacation, don’t get overwhelmed by all the choices.  Choose a Bed and Breakfast. Come stay at the Jacob Rohrbach Inn for a great experience!

More Changes around the Inn

February 23, 2019 by jacobrohrbach

WOW! 2018 was a big year for changes around the Inn.  We did way more renovating, painting, landscaping, and expanding then we expected to do.

It all started toward the end of 2017 when we realized we had a great opportunity to expand the business (More on the expansion in just a bit).  First we had to renovate the Harpers Ferry Suite.  This suite was one of the original guest rooms when the house was turned into a bed and breakfast over thirty years ago and desperately needed some updating. Fortunately there was no carpet or wallpaper to remove so the project moved right along.  We are very pleased with the bathroom project and would like to thank Anne Marie & Marty of Uphome Renovations, LLC for the tremendous work they did.  Another ‘Thank you’ goes to Antietam Wood Floors for repairing and restoring the hardwood floors.


New vanity

Refinished hardwoods

Tiled shower

New sitting area of the Harpers Ferry Suite

Once the weather started to break we moved outside for some yard work.  We called in Jay’s Tree & Landscaping Service to remove some dying trees along the property line and we worked for over a month tearing out the old fence and brush that lined the back alley.  After adding several yards of top soil, the backyard is nicely sloped and the green grass has taken off.

Clearing out the old wire fence and putting in topsoil

Removing some of the trees along the alley







As most of you know, 2018 has gone down for being one of the wettest years in history.  We had 130 days of precipitation coming in at over 50 inches of rain.  Needless to say it was not a good year to decide to paint the Inn but we did.  We started in July… and we’re still not done.  We had to suspend operations by Thanksgiving as the temperatures began to drop, but as soon as weather warms up the last part of the Inn and spring house will be finished.  One of our local painters, Lucas Turner has done an outstanding job and was able to work around the weather.
















These Colonial Williamsburg colors have given the place a whole new look.  The body of the buildings are painted a  Tavern Gray.   We used Tyler Gray to distinguish the window slashes and Mopboard Black for the trim and accent areas.  All the porch ceilings have a traditional Pearl Blue shade to ward off insects and birds.  We can’t wait til spring to finish it up.

Fall at Inn

Back to the expansion of the business…  As this year came to a close we were able to focus on achieving one of our start up goals.  We are both big on planning and one of the objectives on our five year plan was to have a large space for a gift shop.

Gift shop hutch

After some packing and rearranging things in the old basement dress shop room we now have a large space to expand our gift shop. We gave this ground floor or sidewalk level of the Inn a new look with a fresh coat of paint and it looks great.

Antietam Mercantile Company at the Inn.

We look forward to having it completed and the shop operating sometime this Spring.  While you are here for your stay be sure to check out the new Antietam Mercantile Company at the Inn.

Testimonials by our Guests

September 28, 2017 by jacobrohrbach

Our goal at the Jacob Rohrbach Inn is to provide every guest with warm hospitality, comfortable accommodations, and gracious service. Before you book your stay with us, take a moment to read what our past guests have to say about their stay. We know you won’t be disappointed.


We wanted to take a minute to let you know how much we enjoyed our stay at the Rohrbach House.  We had a great week lovey celebration of our 50th Wedding Anniversary and I can honestly say Sharpsburg and our visit with the two of you was the highlight.  Thanks, so very much.  Reviewed by Doug & Barbara, August 2020 via thank you note.

My daughter and I just got home from spending three nights at the Jacob Rohrbach Inn in Sharpsburg, MD. We stayed in the Harpers Ferry Room. After spending the previous four nights of our road trip in cookie-cutter hotels, I can’t say enough about the JR Inn. Check-in was super easy. The room was spacious and comfy. The beds were absolutely perfect. My back was bothering me after the previous four nights on beds that were too soft. Our beds were nice and firm and we both slept soundly all night every night. Breakfast was fantastic. Coffee, fresh fruit, juice, & scones to start. The main course followed and was as delicious as it was pleasing to the eye. Chris & Amy are a wealth of knowledge on the area and very accommodating. We had a 12-hour drive home and had an early start. They packed us breakfast to go the night before. It was awesome. The Inn was spotless, the food was delicious, and the hosts could not have been better.  – Reviewed by Dank, August 2020 via Facebook.

Excellent B&B in a very historic house in a quaint, historic town.  Reviewed by Craig, August 2020 via Google.

We stayed in the General’s quarters which was very nice. Breakfast was delicious and the homemade scones were fantastic.
It is a great location for getting to Antietam and many other close by attractions.  – Reviewed by Don, August 2020 via Google.

We had a wonderful couple of days here I’m the General’s Quarters! Chris and Amy are great and breakfast was absolutely amazing! Amy creates the best scones!! This inn is perfect for visiting Antietam and the wineries in the area and Chris is super knowledgeable about the battlefield since he also runs some of the tours.  Reviewed by Katheryn, July 2020 via Facebook.

First and foremost, we could not have felt safer during CoVid at this lovely establishment during our three-night stay last weekend! Amy and Chris pay very close attention to cleanliness and protecting their guests. They also have an auto-dispensing hand sanitizer inside the door as you enter public spaces, strict mask policy and wipes for pre and post use of coffee station. The guest rooms all have Clorox wipes in the bathrooms so that we could wipe everything down for our own peace of mind.  The Antietam Room, an upper en-suite room with balcony overlooking the well-maintained gardens, was sumptuous. The bathroom is new and the king bed so comfortable.  Breakfasts were incredible and more than one course. To ensure you do not overfill, you are offered plastic bags for the amazing homemade scones in case you want to snack on them later. Along with wonderful food, you can gain great insights into history through conversations with knowledgeable and accommodating hosts. Thank you, Amy and Chris for making our anniversary trip one we will always remember. Your hospitality is unparalleled! We will be back!  A highly recommended stay!  – Reviewed by Julie, June 2020 via Facebook.

Love everything about it. The atmosphere is quite, relaxing and quaint. Hearty homemade breakfast. 24 comfort station. Generous amount of toiletries. Interior and exterior of the property is very clean. Within minutes of the battlefield, harper ferry, shopping centers. Friendly hosts. And the biggest thing is- The mattress and bedding are super comfortable. We could rest all day! There’s no shortcut in this b&b. Very satisfied. – Reviewed by Devita, June 2020 via Google.

Great B&B. Very clean rooms and excellent service. The breakfast was delicious. Would highly recommend!  – Reviewed by Jason, May 2020 via Google.

Such a charming bed and breakfast with friendly, courteous innkeepers! Delicious cuisine and all around amazing stay!  – Reviewed by Heather, January 2020 via Google.

Thank you for our stay. You both were very nice and made our vacation feel like a home. Also the food was delicious and we loved all the town had to offer.  Good luck in the near future.  I will be recommending you to friends and family.  Reviewed by anonymous guest, December 2019 via note.

Under new, delightful management ! Loved what they have done ! Breakfast was delicious and Chris and Amy engaging and entertaining !! We love B and B ‘s and this is a favorite !! Rooms are absolutely lovely !!  – Reviewed by Christina, October 2019 via YELP.

Everything was perfect. Gracious & interesting hosts, great food, beautiful rooms, perfect location. Highly recommend.  – Reviewed by Cindy, October 2019 via Facebook.

Perfect B&B. Large suites, updated baths, spotlessly clean; thoughtful owners anticipate your every need. Great location. Accommodated gluten free beautifully. Cute gift shop. We had a great time! Thank you Chris and Amy.  – Reviewed by Marian, September 2019 via Facebook.

Thank you for a great stay. The bed was a welcome relief from a long day’s drive, and the breakfast was delicious! We will definitely keep this place in mind!  – Reviewed by Merl & Judi,  September 2019 via Guest note.

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay! Thank you both for your hospitality and attention to detail. God bless your future endeavors.   – Reviewed by Tom & Amy, September 2019 via Guest note.

Jacob Rohrbach Inn is a stunning B&B that is meticulously kept.  We reserved the Antietam room which was very large,comfortable and nicely decorated! The room had a very large spacious porch that we spent a few evenings relaxing on,after a long day, and it was awesome!  Chris & Amy were excellent hosts and very accommodating for us.  Breakfasts were great and the conversation with Chris, Amy and other travelers during that time was fantastic and we learned alot of the the area and civil war times.  We were lucky to be able to make it to a Wednesday evening civil war lecture in the back yard of the Inn,and it was very interesting and so glad we stopped by to listen!!  And with a special mention of Maya and Zooey (the official greeters of the Inn,haha!), they are more than happy to accept a belly rub if you’re willing!  Definitely will return when back in the area. Thank you for a great stay!  – Reviewed by Mark, July 2019 via Facebook.

What a wonderful place! The owners are wonderful people the food fantastic! Our first visit here will not be our last.  – Reviewed by Jo Ann, June 2019 via Facebook.

We had a wonderful stay at the Jacob Rohrbach Inn. The Inn is very well kept and Chris and Amy were perfect hosts. Chris with his wealth of knowledge on the Civil War and Amy preparing a wonderful breakfast, we couldn’t have asked for a better stay. We will definitely be returning in the near future.  – Reviewed by Joseph, May 2019 via Facebook.

What another fabulous stay! The innkeepers Chris and Amy have outdone themselves once again! We have already booked for next year!!! The hospitality is gracious, the rooms are emaculate, and the breakfasts are amazing!!! Thank you so very much!    – Reviewed by Carolyn, May 2019 via Facebook.

We had a wonderful experience at the Inn. We stayed in the Antietam Room, which was spacious, clean and very comfortable. We loved the whole atmosphere of the Inn. Breakfast was amazing every time! Chris was a very knowledgeable guide on our battlefield tour. If we come back to the area, we will definitely stay again. Thank you Amy and Chris   – Reviewed by Sherri, May 2019 via Facebook.

I’m loving the area and loving generals quarters – Reviewed by Phil, May 2019 via Facebook.

I highly recommend Jacob Rohrbach inn. We stayed two nights in the General’s quarters and I can’t thank Amy and Chris enough for their hospitality. The inn is beautiful and very clean. Amy’s breakfast food was amazing. Chris and Amy have thought of everything and are very knowledgeable about the area. We really felt at home and will visit again. – Reviewed by Kim and Clint, April 2019 via Facebook.

We enjoyed an amazing stay in the General’s Quarters the night of our wedding! Chris and Amy were very welcoming and accommodating. We also enjoyed some love from Maya and Zoey. Breakfast was delicious and we had lovely conversation with the owners. We will definitely be visiting again! Thank you for a memorable stay!  – Reviewed by Jennifer, March 2019 via Facebook.

We loved staying in the General’s Quarters room. The owners are very inviting and our breakfast was wonderful. The rooms are very well appointed and comfortable. We will definitely be back it’s a great place to stay when visiting the battlefield.  – Reviewed by Nancy, November 2018 via Facebook.

Had a lovely time with Chris and Amy. Chris is very knowledgeable of the history of the battlefield. Stayed in the General’s Quarters. Very clean, the bed was very comfortable, the sheets fine cotton. Breakfast was more than ample. Adorable little dogs Zoey and Maya. Location perfect, there is also a little front room to hang out as well as outdoor seating that is very pleasant. Would definitely recommend, would definitely stay there again.  – Reviewed by Christina, October 2018 via Yelp.

What a team! You, Chris and Amy, are among the best teams we’ve ever met and seen! What a duo—you’re on time always with breakfast, you work so well together, and you provide your guests with an excellent breakfast every day! And you are so cheerful throughout. And: our room was super-comfy. We appreciate you very much. We had a wonderful stay with you for three days and still talk about them. When any of our friends tell us they’re going your way, we’ll tell them there’s only one place to stay—with you!  Warmest regards,
– Reviewed by Carl and Peggy, October 2018 via Email note.

Thank you Chris & Amy for a great weekend getaway and for making it extra special for my birthday!  You have a beautiful B&B!  – Reviewed by Stephanie and Mike, October 2018 via Guest Note.

Amy & Chris, Thank you for making our trip to celebrate my 60th B-day extra special.  Your B&B is amazing.  – Reviewed by Barb and Mike, October 2018 via Guest Note.

A great place to spend a relaxing, history filled weekend. Chris & Amy are delightful, and their breakfasts are the perfect way to start a day. We will be back.  – Reviewed by Thomas, September 2018 via Facebook.

Wonderful stay and excellent breakfast.  Best wishes for the future.  – Reviewed by Susan and Michael, September 2018 via Guest Note.

What a beautiful inn. My husband and I stayed for my birthday weekend and had a great time. It’s beautifully kept and very clean. We stayed in the General’s Quarters, and couldn’t have asked for better. The hospitality of Amy and Chris was wonderful and greatly appreciated. The breakfast was delicious and beautifully presented.  I would highly recommended the Jacob Rohrbach Inn to all my friends and acquaintances.    – Reviewed by Cheryl, September 2018 via Facebook.

The breakfast was wonderful each morning, the inn was so clean and neat!!!! Thank you for a perfect getaway for my husband and myself. Oh, and I can’t forget about the visits from the 2 babies each morning!!!!  – Reviewed by Georgella, August 2018 via Facebook.

Amazing breakfast and amazing innkeepers! Thank you for a perfect historical vacation!  – Reviewed by Sherri, July 2018 via Facebook.

We stayed at this B&B in the Jackson Room & thoroughly enjoyed it. Breakfast each morning was delicious. Chris & Amy are gracious hosts. Only five minutes to the battlefield. You will not be disappointed!     – Reviewed by Joe, July 2018 via Facebook.

If you love history and first class amenities, this bed and breakfast is the holy grail. My 3 year old and I stayed here and everything was PERFECT. You can’t beat waking up in a room that witnessed the battle of Antietam and then eating a 5 star breakfast on your way out to see the battlefield. The innkeepers are very friendly and hospitable and so are their two little dogs. We can’t wait to go back!  – Reviewed by Kevin, June 2018 via Facebook.

I had the most pleasant experience at the Jacob Rohrbach Inn! The innkeepers have done a wonderful job appointing the guest rooms and common space! The breakfast this morning was fresh and tasty; it was a foodie’s delight and included an individual cheese soufflé, bacon, toasted cheese bread, and diced/flavored tomato garnish! It was preceded by a fresh serving of peaches and raspberries, as well as a home-baked petite scone. I appreciated the professional, exceptional, and friendly interaction with Chris and Amy. I definitely plan to patronize them again in future trips to DC. Thank you for a relaxing and memorable stay!   – Reviewed by Lorena, June 2018 via Facebook.

We visited the Jacob Rohrbach Inn with friends and immediately felt like a part of the family with innkeepers Chris & Amy! My husband and I stayed in the Clara Barton Suite and I must say it was the most comfortable room I’ve ever experienced…from the perfect mattress to the luxurious sheets, it was heavenly!!  – Reviewed by Suzi, May 2018 via Facebook.

Great place to stay if you are visiting the battlefield. My wife and I enjoyed our stay in the Jackson room. One of the better breakfasts we have had at B&Bs.  – Reviewed by Mike, February 2018 via Facebook.

We stayed in the Thomas Jackson room. It was wonderful! Can’t wait to go back.  – Reviewed by Ashton, February 2018 via Facebook.

I cannot imagine anyone not enjoying this place….beautiful place inside and out. Wonderful room, breakfast and hospitality. One of the best B&B’s we’ve every stayed.  – Reviewed by Barbara, November 2017 via Facebook.

My husband, my mother and myself had a fabulous experience at the inn. The Clara Barton suite was perfect for the three of us. Chris and Amy were so welcoming and took care of our every need while staying with them. The accommodations were comfortable and spotless. The breakfast we received each morning was delicious. I would highly recommend staying at the Jacob Rohrbach Inn and we plan to return there again.  – Reviewed by Karen, November 2017 via Facebook.

Great B&B. Room was very nice and clean.  Bed was extremely comfortable.  Inn keepers were very nice. That stay was exactly what I needed. /  Beautiful place.  The innkeepers are very friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend this bed & breakfast to everyone who wants a relaxing getaway. – Reviewed by Richard & Dawn, November 2017 via Facebook.

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay. The Generals Quarters was perfect for the two of us and our Goldendoodle Sophie. The suite included a small kennel (although we travel with our own), and full accessories for your canine companion😀 They even had a flashlight for those late night or early morning outings. I have a bad back and many allergies and I am hesitant to stay at many B&B’s. The Jacob Rohrbach Inn gets an excellent review from me. The pet free room was very clean and the bed very comfortable even for a princess and a pea type of person😀 The breakfasts at the Inn each morning were truly amazing. We will be back!   – Reviewed by Darlene, October 2017 via Facebook.

Thanks so much, we had a wonderful stay, so relaxing.  Can’t wait to come back! – Reviewed by Virginia, Patrick, & Sean, September 2017 via Guest Note.

Everything was wonderful – thanks very much… P.S. + the puppies too & breakfast was lovely.  – Reviewed by Paula & David, September 2017 via Guest Note.

Wonderful place. Definitely one of the best ever that we have stayed in. The room was General Quarters and really was a suite. The owners are fantastic people and what a wonderful breakfast the have. Can’t say enough good things about this place the two dogs are adorable too.   – Reviewed by Evelyn, September 2017 via Facebook.

We enjoyed our stay so much! Our only complaint, we couldn’t stay longer… you are much gracious hosts (all 4 of you!). We would highly recommend this B&B. Y’all just think of everything for you guests and make them feel like family.   – Reviewed by Bill & Sheila, September 2017 via Guest Note.

This is our 2nd visit here and we love it! We’ll be back! – Reviewed by Cathy, September 2017 via Facebook.

Amy and Chris were very friendly and welcoming to their establishment. They had great recommendations for the area. The B&B was clean and breakfast was delicious! It is definitely a must stay when in the area!  – Reviewed by Stephenie & David, September 2017 via Facebook.

Amazing b&b wonderful owners and fabulous breakfast. Can’t wait to go back – Reviewed by Greta, September 2017 via Facebook.

We stayed there for a few days for our 30th wedding anniversary. We couldn’t have been more pleased with our accommodations and food. Chris and Amy are wonderful. We absolutely adore Zoey and Maya….they are little sweethearts. We will definitely be going back often.  – Reviewed by Ed and Becky, August 2017 via Facebook.

This place is awesome! Super sweet people! Clean rooms, historical but modern conveniences. Easy to work with if you have special needs. Food is AMAZING…my boys like scones now! Highly recommend!   – Reviewed by Jamie, August 2017 via Facebook.

Great place to stay if you are visiting the the battlefield. My family and I highly recommend it!   – Reviewed by Shawn, August 2017 via Facebook.

Fantastic inn with cozy sheets and yummy breakfast.  – Reviewed by Julie, August 2017 via Facebook.

My husband and I and our 2 dogs really enjoyed our stay! The General’s Quarters were perfect, breakfast was amazing (french toast made from homemade raisin bread and homemade sausage!), my dietary restrictions were accommodated with a smile. Its obvious that Amy and Chris love what they do. It all made for the perfect relaxing getaway!  – Reviewed by Kate, June 2017 via Facebook.

Beautiful building and grounds, excellent food and wonderful owners. We will definitely be back!  – Reviewed by Connie, June 2017 via Facebook.

We had a wonderful overnight at the Jacob Rohrbach Inn in Sharpsburg! The historic building is beautifully configured for guests, Chris & Amy Vincent are welcoming hosts and informed about all of the many attractions in the area, and the breakfast was fabulous!! – Reviewed by Janet, June 2017 via Facebook.

Had another great stay at the inn! Their great breakfasts will power you through a long day of touring all the sights. Looking forward to staying again. – Reviewed by Randal, May 2017 via Facebook.

Lovely yet Quaint. Perfect location to tour Antietam and Harpers Ferry plus SO much more. Hosts Amy and Chris are VERY nice and SO knowledgeable about the area. We stayed in the Generals Quarters. Love everything about it! – Reviewed by Nancy, May 2017 via Facebook.

I am in love with this building and it’s wonderful owners Amy and Chris! Such a warm and welcoming place to stay! The rooms are fantastic, modern conveniences with a historic feel. And the food? So inventive and different, yet down home and flavorful! The location is perfect too. Had such a great time and I look forward to coming back! And I will for sure!  – Reviewed by Lauren, May 2017 via Facebook.

Very much enjoyed our two nights here & hope to stay longer next time. Recommend bike rental to see Antietam (save the long hills for driving in auto later!) plus few C&O trail miles. Convenient to Shepherdstown.  – Reviewed by Becky, May 2017 via Facebook.

We would highly recommend the Jacob Rohrbach Inn.  We’ve traveled all over the world and stayed in a variety of places – yours was a top spot. – Reviewed by Barbara & Chris, March 2017 via Thank You note.

My husband, daughter, and I were driving home from a college visit and decided to stay in Antietam. Amy and Chris took us in at the last minute and it was wonderful!! We had the inn (and innkeepers and puppy dogs) to ourselves. We fell in love with the Harper’s Ferry room; it was perfect for our family of 3. We had ice cream at Nutter’s and then settled in for the night. Breakfast was delicious with fruit, scones, egg casserole, cheese toast, herb tomatoes, sausage, and juice. Once we got home my daughter said her favorite part of the trip was sitting in the common room with Amy Monday night drinking tea and talking and playing with Maya and Zoey. We’ve already booked a return trip for April. See you soon Amy and Chris (and Maya and Zoey)!!!  – Reviewed by Mary, January 2017 via Facebook.

Beautiful place, amazing food and wonderful owners. Kid and dog friendly. – Reviewed by Mary, January 2017 via Facebook.

Beautiful Inn operated by Amy and Chris Vincent – great place to stay and enjoy comfortable pampered lodgings and outstanding breakfasts.  Thank you for hosting our veterans.  – Reviewed by Sharon, November 2016 via Facebook.

What a great experience the four of us had at the Jacob Rohrbach B&B during our stay Oct 28th, 29th and 30th of this year. The Owner’s Chris and Amy were everything great Innkeepers you hope and expect from a stay at a great B&B. Clean, beautifully decorated throughout inside and for Halloween a bonus of outside tasteful decorations that not only delighted the guests but the Town of Sharpsburg’s residents. Breakfast were especially unique with creations of homemade scones, biscuits, egg casserole, French toast, apple bacon sliced thick from local butchers, your choice of juices and fresh fruit especially prepared to complement your complete breakfast. Their knowledge and recommendations for seeing the area history of the Antietam Battlefields were extremely helpful especially with Chris’ history and involvement with volunteering. They provided excellent recommendations for area restaurants that included their special ice cream parlor there in town. We will be sure to return for another visit to these wonderful folks.  – Reviewed by Bob, Debbie, Bill & Susan, October 2016 via Facebook.

Thanks you for all your hospitality and delicious food.  Added pleasure – Maya & Zoey!  – Reviewed by Marianne & Perry, October 2016 via Guest Survey.

The hosts Amy and Chris are amazing and the food is excellent. Highly recommend!  Reviewed by Dana, October 2016 via Facebook.

We enjoyed our stay at this lovely inn. Chris and Amy made us feel right at home. Our room, the General’s Quarters, was wonderful. Breakfast was delicious along with the afternoon cookies- even accommodating my ovo-vegetarian diet.The inn is conveniently located to all the historical sites. I highly recommend this inn for a getaway!  – Reviewed by Stacy, October 2016 via Facebook.

Excellent, Hospitable Welcoming, well worth a Second Visit, Need I say more, First Class.  – Reviewed by Catherine, October 2016 via Facebook.

We recently arrived home from our seven week odyssey and have to say that the evening at your Inn and the tour of the Battlefield with you were highlights on our trip. Thank you so much for the hospitality the accommodations, and your incredible knowledge and presentation of the Battle.  – Reviewed by Rebecca, September 2016 via email.

It is a wonderful place to stay and the breakfast is outstanding. – Reviewed by Christina, September 2016 via Facebook.

Great place with great history! The hosts (including the dogs) are very accommodating. Highly recommended. Reviewed by Dan, September 2016 via Facebook.

We just spent 3 days here for my husbands 60th Birthday. Love the Inn and its hosts Chris & Amy.  They were so welcoming and accommodating.  Atmosphere and food were awesome.  The location sets right in the middle of this historic area and adds to your experience. My husband is a Civil War enthusiast and his friend Ken, who also is, and Peg from North Carolina came to stay here for two days and tour Antietam Battlefield. A great time was had by all. – Reviewed by Donna, August 2016 via Facebook.

Wonderful stay, cordial hosts, delicious breakfast & interesting battle discussion. It was a comfort to return to the Rohrbach Inn after the sadness of the Antietam Battlefield tour. The rooms are lovely and luxurious without being froo-froo. Hosts Chris and Amy are cordial with smiles and conversation, skillful with a delicious breakfast, and interesting with a vast knowledge of the Civil War. We’d go again in a heartbeat if we didn’t live 1,000 miles away. Come to think of it, we might come anyway and stay longer.  – Reviewed by Kate & Julien, August 2016 via Guest Survey/Facebook.

My husband and I just spent a night at the Jacob Rohrbach Inn and we were blown away by the experience. The room was immaculate and expertly decorated and the breakfast was absolutely delicious. The best part of the experience by far was the warm and welcoming Innkeepers, Chris and Amy. You can really tell that they put love into every aspect of the Inn.  We will definitely be booking at the Jacob Rohrbach Inn in the future.  Reviewed by Felicia, August 2016 via Facebook.

My wife and I just returned home after spending 3 delightful nights at the Jacob Rohrbach Inn in Sharpsburg, Md. The Inn is comfortable and very cozy, centrally located, and the innkeepers are the best. If you love history, and want to stay at a historic property close to the Antietam battlefield and Harpers Ferry, you need to come to Sharpsburg, Md. and definitely stay with Chris and Amy at their Inn! By the way, breakfast is delicious!  Reviewed by Allen, August 2016 via Facebook.

My husband and I just returned from a weekend stay at the Jacob Rohrbach Inn. Our stay could not have been more delightful! The inn itself is brimming with historical character and lovely gardens. And Amy and Chris, the owners and hosts, are totally charming and really good cooks!  – Reviewed by Dee, July 2016 via Facebook.

Our stay at the Jacob Rohrbach Inn was relaxing and delightful all around. During our most recent trips to Maryland to visit our daughter, we stayed in hotels. Our time at the B&B was much more of a vacation. My husband loved the multi-course gourmet breakfasts and we enjoyed the quiet atmosphere. The covered deck was perfect for early morning reading or a glass of wine at the end of the day. The beautiful gardens, historic attractions, and charming main street were also highlights of our trip … and the sweet and friendly little dogs were an added treat.  – Reviewed by Carolyn & Tom, June 2016 via Guest Survey.

We stayed for a weekend with our daughter. An amazing inn and an amazing home cooked breakfast everyday. Great location and so beautiful! A must stay!!  Reviewed by Susie, June 2016 via Facebook.

We highly recommend this beautiful B&B as a great place to start our exploration of the National Park and the surrounding historic area. The Inn Keepers, Amy and Chris, are great hosts providing comfortable beds, lots of Civil War reading material, a full snack bar, lovely grounds and delicious breakfast.  Reviewed by Janet, June 2016 via Facebook.

A great place to stay with wonderful hosts, Amy and Chris.  – Reviewed by Bill, June 2016 via Facebook.

Could not be happier with lovely rooms and grounds of the Inn. We enjoyed our stay very much and are booked to return in July.  Our enjoyment of the surrounding was only exceeded by the graciousness of our host and hostess.  – Reviewed by Anna, June 2016

We loved our stay at the Inn! The innkeepers were amazing, friendly and knowledgeable and the food was awesome. It was perfectly secluded for our wedding night in the General’s quarters. I would recommend this place to anyone. It was a night I will never forget and I’m glad that we spent it here.  – Reviewed by Holly, June 2016 via Facebook.

First stay at a B&B and loved it, very personalized service. Rooms are nice size, Civil war memorabilia everywhere gives it a nice unique flavor. And breakfast of cherry and chocolate scone, strawberries and blackberries, with egg soufflé and bacon was delicious. Will be back.  – Reviewed by Debbie, June 2016 via Facebook.

A beautiful, bed and breakfast, the room was outstanding, we chose the General’s Quarters. The owners are friendly and attentive, ask about food allergies, 24 hour beverages and snacks. Wonderful experience, highly recommend.  – Reviewed by Dee H. May 2016 via Facebook.

The accommodations, food and location are excellent. Chris made us feel welcomed from the start. We look forward to returning in the future.  – Reviewed by Gina, May 2016 via Facebook.

We had a wonderful stay!  It was the perfect getaway for our anniversary.  We have stayed in a few B&Bs, this is our favorite! Loved the outside entrance from the rooms and breakfast was delicious!  – Reviewed May 2015 via Guest Survey.

Amazing place with wonderful accommodations! Innkeepers Amy & Chris are a delight and very knowledgeable about the area. Breakfast was outstanding!!! I would recommend this place in a heartbeat!!  – Reviewed by Kathleen, March 2015 via Facebook.

Lovely, comfortable rooms, friendly innkeeper, Chris and Amy. Great breakfasts, beautiful grounds. We enjoyed our stay there very much.  – Reviewed by Kathy, April 2015 via Facebook.


You can find more guest reviews on   Google +     TripAdvisor    Yelp







Luxury Bedding

July 30, 2017 by jacobrohrbach

Thomas Jackson Room

Guests at the Jacob Rohrbach Inn really enjoy the experience of sleeping on Comphy Sheets. These breathable high performance micro-fiber linens feel better than high thread count cotton. Beside feeling great, these non-allergenic, no-iron sheets dry quickly and are pre-treated to resist stains. No surprise that studies show that people sleep better on Comphy Sheets! You spend 1/3 of your life in bed so why not make it COMPHY!

These are NOT sold in stores. If you would like to sleep on Comphy Sheets at home, we can have them shipped directly to you. They also make great gifts!

What are the primary benefits and features of Comphy Sheets?

  • Looks and feels like 600 count cotton.
  • Performance fabric assures breathability and comfort.
  • Eco-friendly micro-fiber is 100% recyclable.
  • Dries quickly.
  • Does not require ironing.
  • Treated for stain release.
  • Highly recommended for people with sensitive skin.
  • Extra fine weave protects against dust mite allergens.
  • 18″ deep pockets fit newer pillow top mattresses.
  • Warranty: All Comphy Co. products are guaranteed for 300 washes!

Sets include: 1 fitted sheet; 1 flat top sheet; 2 Pillow Cases.

Comphy Sheets are available in cream, white, tea green, silver blue, grey, dove grey and mocha.



** Prices do not include applicable sales taxes or freight.

We will take your order at the Jacob Rohrbach Inn (301-432-5079) and Comphy Co will drop-ship the order directly to you.

Cal King Sheet Set  $158.00
King Sheet Set  $158.00
Queen Sheet Set  $152.00
Full Sheet Set  $144.00
Twin Sheet Set $138.00
Twin XL Sheet Set  $138.00
Standard Pillow Case Set(20″ x 30″) $24.00
Queen Pillow Case Set (20″ x 32″) $28.00
King Pillow Case Set (20″ x 36″) $32.00

To order your Comphy Sheets from the Jacob Rohrbach Inn click here!

Changes around the Inn

July 20, 2016 by jacobrohrbach

It has been a busy first half of the year at the Inn with all the updates, additions and changes.  Here is a little peek at what’s been happening.

Unfortunately,  we had to remove two trees this spring, the Maple tree by the parking lot and the Ash tree in the backyard.  Our friends as Prefered Arbor Care in Hagerstown did a great job.  With the parking lot opened up, we decided to put in a new rock wall and flower bed along the front to welcome guests as they pulled in.

Prepared Arbor Care

Getting ready to start removing the Ash tree in the yard.

Prepared Arbor Care

Taking down the tree by the parking lot.


Putting in garden

Putting in the flowers

New flower bed

New flower bed


An over grown bush was removed to open the view to the Spring House.  As we were leveling out the ground what we thought was a rock turned out to be an old pipe.  It looks really good with the new sod in place.

An unexpected surprise...

An unexpected surprise…


New sod coming in nicely.











At the end of the walk, we thought it would be the perfect spot for a new seating area.

Maya lending a 'paw' digging in the garden.

Maya lending a ‘paw’ digging in the garden.

Our new Blue & Grey Garden.

Our new Blue & Gray Garden.








Flowers coming in around the seating area.

Flowers coming in around the seating area.







With the addition of the new seating area and the Ash tree gone, we moved the old pump closer to the house and designed a new flower bed around the old maple tree.

Maya & Zoey supervising the job.

Maya & Zoey supervising the job.

Getting ready to take out bush.

Getting ready to take out the Mock Orange bush






The old well pump.

The old well pump.


Found a nice spot for our little wheelbarrow boy.

Our big wheelbarrow boy looking for a nice spot for our little wheelbarrow boy.

Found a nice spot for our little wheelbarrow boy

Under the lilac bush – perfect!


We added a few more blueberry bushes, some other vegetables to go with the tomatoes and peppers; added the herb garden and the strawberries took off like wildfire.

Watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumber, and zucchini plants

Watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumber, and zucchini plants

Planted herb barden

Potted herb garden







Blueberry patch

Blueberry patch



Tomatos & Peppers

Tomatoes & Peppers










With most of the major projects done outside, we had time for a few updates inside.  We upgraded the mini-fridge in the General’s Quarters and moved that smaller one to the Harpers Ferry Suite.  The flat screen TVs in both the Clara Barton Suite and the Thomas Jackson Room were upgraded.  And finally, just in time to beat the summer heat, both the Jackson Room and the Clara Barton Suite received their own individually controlled high efficiency cooling and heating systems.  These two Mitsubishi wall-mounted, ductless systems were installed by McCrea Heating & Air Conditioning along with Steenburg Electrical Services.  In a few hours these guys had completed both rooms and it was a comfortable 65 degrees, outstanding job!


McCrea Heating & Air Conditioning and Steenburg Electrical Services










Running the line from the Clara Barton Suite.

Running the line from the Clara Barton Suite.

Hooking up the electricity

Hooking up the electricity















Thomas Jackson Room

Thomas Jackson Room

New wall unit in the Clara Barton Suite,

Clara Barton Suite













Well, that’s all the updates for now.  Check back in the fall to see more of the changes around the Inn.