Example of Aaron’s map

Join us on Wednesday, August 3 for Aaron’s presentation. “Mapping the Antietam Battlefield in the 21st Century – the Cope Maps Revisited” builds upon the legacy of the Antietam Battlefield Board Cope Maps and presents an innovative analysis of the terrain at Antietam. Aaron will explain how modern mapping technology is aiding the scholar in answering age-old questions about the ebb and flow of the Battle of Antietam. The presentation will highlight how historic maps may be transformed from flat pieces of paper to three-dimensional physical terrain pieces and how modern geospatial analysis can unearth answers to unknowns about the Battle of Antietam.


Aaron Holley

Aaron Holley is a native of West Virginia and a lifetime student of the American Civil War. He currently resides in Hardy County, West Virginia with his wife and daughter. Aaron holds a Bachelor of Science in Forestry and a Master of Science in Forestry from West Virginia University and has experience working on forest conservation projects worldwide. This professional experience has led Aaron to be intimately familiar with the practice of cartography and modern mapping techniques, which when paired with his passion for the American Civil War, results in the information in this presentation: “Mapping the Antietam Battlefield in the 21st Century – the Cope Maps Revisited”.

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