Dr. Tom Clemens


Dr. Tom Clemens holds a Doctorate in College Education-History from George Mason University, Professor Emeritus from Hagerstown Community College. He is a Tour guide for the Maryland Campaign for the past 30 years. Tom is the Editor of Ezra Carman’s Maryland Campaign of September 1862, 3 Vols. 2010, 2012, 2016. Author of numerous essays and Magazine articles, appeared in several documentary films as on-screen historian, including the orientation film in the NPS Visitor Center.

Eastern Iron Brigade medallion


Most Civil War buffs can identify the famous Iron Brigade, and are familiar with their record of valor and loss in the various battle of the eastern theater. Much less heralded is the “original” Iron Brigade which was using that sobriquet long before the Maryland Campaign of 1862, and continued to use it through their enlistment. Who were they, how did they earn this nickname, and why are there, in fact, several “Iron Brigades,” not only in the Army of the Potomac, but in the Maryland Campaign too?  Tom will answer these questions, and many other points of contention about the nickname. Find out “the rest of the story” on Wednesday, June 9th when Dr. Clemens will present his Summer Lecture Series talk -“Meet the Original Iron Brigade



Come join leading historians and Antietam Battlefield Guides as they discuss intriguing topics of the Maryland Campaign of 1862 and the Civil War during our Civil War Summer Lecture Series.

These outdoors programs will be held at the Jacob Rohrbach Inn on Wednesday evenings at 7:oo p.m.  Even though those programs are outdoors, guests are encouraged to wear face coverings and to social distance as much as possible. To ensure adequate seating, please bring a chair.  In case of inclement weather, lectures will be held at the Sharpsburg Christ Reformed UCC Church at 117 Main Street.  Parking is available on Main and Hall Streets.  For updates and a full schedule of presenters & topics check our Facebook page.