Darin Wipperman

First time speaker and returning guest of the Inn, Darin Wipperman will discuss, “The Only Doubtful Ones: McClellan’s Least Favorite Corps During the Antietam Campaign” on Wednesday, June 26th.

As the Army of the Potomac marched toward destiny in Maryland, George McClellan lacked confidence in the men of the First Corps. In a letter to his wife, the army commander referred to them as “the only doubtful ones” under his command. One reason the First Corps fell short of McClellan’s appreciation was his dislike of Irvin McDowell, the original commander of the corps. The stout fighting of the First Corps under Joe Hooker in Maryland began their reputation as an immortal Civil War infantry corps. McClellan was not a man to admit he could be wrong. Yet, this examination of McClellan’s writings before and after Antietam, placed in the context of the corps’ sacrifice during the campaign, will show how, in the end, he could recognize great soldiering.

One of Darin Wipperman’s most formative moments was receiving Bruce Catton’s Picture History of the Civil War as a present 35 years ago. He has studied, written, and self-published about the political struggles of the Antebellum decades and the war itself ever since. Growing up in Iowa, he earned degrees in Political Science from the University of Northern Iowa in the mid-1990s. A federal employee for nearly 17 years, Darin and his wife moved to northern New Hampshire in 2012, where he was a reporter and editor at New Hampshire weekly newspapers for more than four years. Enjoying early retirement, Darin is currently writing a manuscript entitled History Will Not Be Silent: Life and Death in a Union Infantry Corps. Part One of the book is “Defending Maryland,” about the First Corps in the crucial month of September 1862. Based on his research and writing, Darin’s presentation examines “The Only Doubtful Ones: McClellan’s Least Favorite Corps During the Antietam Campaign.”


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