Although the Sharpsburgh Museum of History has been open for several years, this past month they held a reopening ribbon cutting. The reopening was well attended and the museum showed off many of their newly acquired artifacts in new display cases.

The exhibits are laid out throughout the town council’s main room and extends to another room. The displays tell the story of the people of Sharpsburg since before the town was founded in 1763. One of the new exhibit areas covers the churches, schools, organizations and families of Sharpsburg.

Be sure to check the activities pages on their website for upcoming events. The Sharpsburgh Museum of History is located on the 2nd floor of Town Hall, in the square of Sharpsburg, MD.

Museum Hours:
Monday – Saturday 9am-4pm

Sharpsburgh Museum of History
106 East Main Street
PO Box 115
Sharpsburg, MD 21782